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  • Power (Kw) 2.2
  • Screening rate % 90
  • Productivity (Kg) 150-220
  • Total weight (Kg) 105

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The Rice milling & grinding machineis very easy to clean and grinding of rice for animal feed and all the impurities and extra materials are separated and making it easier to use.

Our top-of-the-line Rice Milling and Grinding Machine, the perfect addition to your individual or small business. With its powerful 2.2 kW electric motor, this machine is capable of producing up to 250 kg of rice per hour, making it the perfect tool for processing large quantities of rice quickly and efficiently.

But that’s not all – our Rice Milling and Grinding Machine also features a dry food grinding feature, making it a versatile tool for any food processing need. Whether you’re grinding spices or milling grains, this machine can handle it all with ease.

Crafted from high-quality materials and built to last, our Rice Milling and Grinding Machine is a reliable, sturdy addition to any home. And with its sleek, modern design, it’s sure to complement any decor.

Compact design: Responsible for collection straw and imputies that have been seprated.

Milling and grinding system: Grinding animal feeds, Crushed grains, Graind all types of dry matter

Smart bran spanning: No worries about rice bran stuck in the engine room 100%

Clean paddy: Stable sift the straw, stone, pebble etc, Sift the impurities that come with the combine harvester

Stainless steel machine room: Corrosion resistent, Safe and rustless, Perfect design

Adjust the whitness by 1o level: Adjust the white or yellow rice

Sorting rice grains 3 grades: Sieve to vibrate slow fast



ThaiTop 4289 7 Plus, ThaiTop 4289 7 plus + grain sorter

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101 Review
5 star 51%

4 star 43%

3 star 6%

2 star 0%

1 star 0%

101 reviews for Rice milling & grinding machine

  1. Kate Hou

    Denrak Combined rice/flour milling machine is a good way to go about milling a very clean food, and what makes it interesting is the 7 functionality

  2. Miguel Azevedowed

    Great Rice milling machine with useful functions Pricing is good, the item description is informative, and has enough specs. Can’t wait to take on more projects. Order processing and shipping were as good as expected. No complaints whatsoever. Would recommend. Thank you!

  3. David Evrard

    i had a great experience with Denrak THAI TOP 4289 combined rice/flour milling machine. ordering online was easy & pick-up was right off the freeway. they even cut my order for a minimal change.

  4. Jonathan Noël

    Perfect product description and fast shipping!

  5. Aleks Loshiaqssad

    This is the 2nd time ordering the THAI TOP 4289 Combined Rice/Flour Milling machine from DENRAK. Just like my 1st order, this order is filled and shipped the following day. I received it a few days later through USPS priority mail. Great service with a quality product.

  6. Noel Bogdania

    I can’t say anything negative about my DENRAK GLOBAL LINK, they respond quickly to orders with confirmation e-mails and shipped e-mails with tracking info, and they do an excellent job of packing making sure nothing gets damaged in transit. I highly recommend them to everyone I know. Thank you again in advance. Noel Bogdania

  7. Aleodor Odobescuas

    high-quality products and services. I am now a loyal returning customer and quite pleased with myself for being one and already planning projects based on the confidence I have in DENRAK. Thanks to the staff for their prompt responses and careful packaging of my goods.

  8. Dragoș Adocas

    Most recent transactions have been solid. And that’s basically the same as previous transactions. Good solid selection of materials and they’re available, unlike some other stores. Prices are reasonable shipping’s been good, which is quite an accomplishment considering how sketchy shipping can be right now in this time period. So I’d say all high marks.

  9. Lascăr Caranicaasd

    I have searched and searched for good quality Combined Rice/flour milling. DENRAK THAI TOP 4289 makes it easy to pick exactly what you want and the amount you need. Shipping was fast and complete. I am very pleased with the overall service and will be doing business with them again in the near future. Lascăr Caranicaasd

  10. Simão Cunha

    Great selection of products. Email communications keep you up to date after the purchase. Shipping has been fast and accurate. Have ordered three times so far.

  11. Williams

    Machines are available quickly and at a good price.

  12. sara kush

    DENRAK is always super helpful and helps me with all of my machine needs.

  13. Queen ele

    They are a great company to work with. Every time I need Dennis to support the inside sales team always goes above and beyond. DENRAK GLOBAL LINK is a great organization!

  14. Margrate

    Having worked with DENRAK GLOBAL LINK pretty much monthly for the last couple of years in everything from small units to complete repower situations I can say without a shadow of a doubt that they are a stand-up company and have some of the best parts and service guys in the business.
    I highly recommend them and I enjoy the fact that they are a fantastic vendor that treats us more like a partner than a customer.

  15. Greg wills
    DENRAK GLOBAL LINK is the go-to place for your best quality Rice/Flour milling machine. A quick and simple transaction with a knowledgeable staff. Got our machine and were up and running the next day.

  16. Godson

    There has become a huge lack of customer service these days but there is no lack here at DENRAK GLOBAL LINK, I have dealt with DENRAK for as long as I can remember and they have always gone above and beyond their staff are courteously knowledgeable, and extremely helpful, even if they don’t have what you need they will do everything in their power to get you where you need to be!!!!

  17. Emma gid

    I have been doing business with DENRAK GLOBAL LINK for at least 3 years now. They have always been very enjoyable to work with.

  18. bright kate

    For all my recent orders I get prompt responses from your team. They work with me. I don’t hear excuses and it never feels like they’re trying to hide something from me.
    This makes DENRAK GLOBAL LINK one of the easiest and best distributors to work with.

  19. Anton gid

    DENRAK THAI TOP 4289 Rice/flour milling machine has been very helpful to me here at DENRAK GLOBAL LINK every one there is great, Special thanks to Dennis knowledgeable in the products they sell and service.
    Thank You.

  20. Asma Wahba

    DENRAK THAI TOP 4289 combined Rice/Flour milling machine is the best rice milling machine I have ever used, it is the most advanced multifunctional food processing machine ever.

  21. Anhn Nguyen

    This is just what I needed for my rice processing business, I am enjoying the benefits of this machine, Denrak global link combined rice/flour milling machine is top-notch for clean food.

  22. Christain

    I received the machine at the exact time and the customer care service is very good, i recommend DENRAK THAI TOP 4289 combine rice/flour milling machine as it is very useful to me since i can also use it for flour mill and animal feed.

  23. Dan Cash

    I think this machine is one of the best food processing machines, here in Congo we only have the local rice milling machine, but THAI TOP 4289 is very portable and can be used for various food processing, i will be ordering more.

  24. Ever Green

    Dennis was so helpful to answer all my questions, I think Denrak company is really good because of its professional staff, their machine is one of the most advanced rice processing machines, I was able to mill up to 230 kg of rice within the hour, the electrical consumption is not too much which makes it so economical than other machines.

  25. Felicia

    There was no direct shipment from Thailand to Zimbabwe which discouraged me in the first place, but through the recommendations of DENRAKS customer care representative, I was able to get the machine to my country, though it took a little time I am happy with the benefits am getting from the machine.

  26. Gloria Hegs

    Joe and Tom were phenomenal. They were very patient and ensured I had the right information I needed to make sure I was ordering the machine I needed. I would definitely order again from Denrak Global Link because of these two

  27. Mallam Almed

    Thank you for this detailed 5-star review Almed!

  28. Paulene

    I have received excellent service from Denrak Global Link. From looking up the machine, quoting and delivery it has been excellent service. Both Joe Martian and Chris Small have been very helpful.

  29. Anh Nguyen

    The customer service department was fantastic they cut me alert as far as shipping dates and times pursuant to the number of hours that I work the watch came sooner than I anticipated the quality was an absolutely fantastic excellent job

  30. Christain

    I am very pleased with my purchase. I am also impressed that they followed up with me afterwards when I had questions. They definitely treated me like a valued customer, unlike a lot of places that forget you after the purchase.

  31. Dan Cash

    For starters, I am a real person leaving a real review. I’m from West Philadelphia. The quality of this machine is remarkable. No b.s! I will be making another purchase. Sooner than later. Thank you for your great product and service. You have a customer for life!

  32. Evergreen

    Everything went well all the way from the order to delivery.

  33. Felicia

    I found DENRAK GLOBAL LINK as a company very professional, taking time out to regularly contact me to update me on the processing of my order and to notify me of any changes I needed to be aware of. Their customer care is second to none, I would highly recommend them for all users. Furthermore, the quality of their machine is brilliant, and I look forward to purchasing more goods at the end of this month again

  34. frankemmy

    Item arrived ahead of schedule and exactly as described; great product I’ll get another model I like very soon.

  35. Lee Ngoc

    Thoroughly impressed! Customer service as well. Very impressive. Always there to answer

  36. Olivia Meg

    Great company and an advanced rice/flour milling machine. Definitely worth buying from this company. Customer service is amazing.

  37. Piotr Salazar

    Very pleasantly surprised with the multifunctional features of the rice milling machine. The actual buying transaction was simple and the communication was excellent

  38. Abdur Kavanagh

    This is the second time to order for THAI TOP 4289 combined rice/flour milling machine from DENRAK GLOBAL LINK, their rice milling machine quality is the best, just a little delay in delivery which is understandable because of the delivery company side.

  39. Antoine Rowland

    This was the best customer service I’ve ever had. Dennis was extremely helpful, he was very sweet and he helped me get what I needed to be done. Definitely recommending it to my friends. In addition, the THAI TOP 4289 combined Rice/Flour milling machine is the best food processing machine i ever used

  40. Beatriz Wheatley

    One significant thing I love about the THAI TOP 4289 rice milling machine is the 10 levels of rice whiteness adjustment and the ability to produce a clean rice without stones and pebbles.

  41. Christina Payne

    At first, I was a bit skeptical about the shipping method but with the help of the customer care representative at DENRAK GLOBAL LINKI was able to get the best shipping line for the delivery of my Thai Top 4289 rice milling machine, but you guys need to work on the time of your response to customers request. so i will be giving 4 star

  42. Hafsah Tyson

    THAI TOP 4289 combined rice milling machine is the best-combined food processing machine with good quality and clean food

  43. Jenson Conley

    Thank you for the quick delivery of my machine

  44. Kimberley frank2

    The customer service is the best and the rice milling machine is working properly, just have few days delay on the delivery

  45. Matthias Lin

    The whole process is very smooth, from placing an order to the delivery, I highly recommend the THAI TOP 4289 rice milling machine to everyone that is looking for clean rice processing.

  46. Reece Hastings

    It was a bit difficult to get direct shipping to Congo, but i am happy finally when the machine was delivered, thanks to Denrak global link customer care

    • admin

      Thank you Recee, we will try to get a good delivery for our customers in Congo

  47. Abdurrahman Glass

    I have nothing much to say other than that I am happy to have purchased the THAI TOP 4289 rice milling machine from Denrak

  48. Adem Gallegos

    Ordering my Rice milling machine from this company was a breeze

  49. Artur Vinson

    Items arrived extremely well packaged, the machine was packed in 2 wooden boxes and it is supper good

  50. Caris Mclaughlin

    Great deals! I have been looking for a good machine like this and I am very happy that I finally find it here at Denrak they offer a great service at extremely affordable prices.

  51. Jameson Freeman

    What a wonderful table! In addition to excellent customer service, the quality of the THAI TOP 4289 Rice milling machine is really wonderful with its variety of functions i really love it

  52. Jaxx Gutierrez

    I absolutely love my TAHI TOP 4289 rice milling machine! Great service, reasonable prices & great products.

  53. Marc Winters

    We appreciate their prompt service and so far we have faced no complaints with their rice milling machine.

  54. Oskar Kirk

    Best quality Mid Century Modern combined Rice/Flour milling machine, there is a big difference from what i used to have. Customer service top notch. Always a quick response. I’m a very satisfied repeat customer.

  55. Shannen Barrett

    Quality machine with affordable prices thanks

  56. Aimee Blackmore

    My experience with DENRAK was great! The customer service team was very helpful and answered all of my questions.

  57. Atif Burt

    What a wonderful machine! In addition to excellent customer service

  58. Danika Peterson

    I ordered two machines for my rice milling business. Dennis worked with me throughout the process and will be ordering more

  59. Darlene Whitmore

    Nice machine but it was delayed, good customer care for being with me through the whole process, Thank you so much Mr. Dennis for your assistance

  60. Ewen Leonard

    I got excellent communication on the phone and by mail and deliveries were both early. The quality was excellent and we had no trouble assembling either machine. Well worth waiting for! They look great in my new rice milling shop

  61. Josie Drummond

    We just made our second order with DENRAK, the THAI TOP 4289 rice milling machine is so good so I decided to order more to add to our awesome set.

  62. Kezia Bright

    THAI TOP 4289 combined rice milling machine is just a new way to go for quality and clean rice processing, the machine is so great because you can use it for not only rice milling but also for animal feeds and many more, the 10 whiteness level is just an advanced in the rice milling.

  63. Ranveer Kerr

    One thing I love about DENRAK is their professional customer care service, they are very patient and helpful to all your questions, and for the THAI TOP 4289 combined rice/flour milling machine, it is just a new way to go about rice milling, I like the fact that it is electrically powered and many other features it comes with

  64. Shaquille Hull

    Thank you so much, Mr. Dennis and Raksorn for your assistance and help throughout all my process from order to delivery

  65. Alexandros Sheldon

    Having ordered my THAI TOP 4289 rice milling machine I was amazed to see it had been packed and dispatched within a short time. It was well packaged and arrived very swiftly. I wouldn’t hesitate to order again from DENRAK, thoroughly recommend them to anyone!
    Thank you I’ll be back

  66. Anastasia Schroeder

    They provide a wonderful and fast service. I got the feedback from the manager in a few minutes. Besides, the THAI TOP 4289 Rice milling machine was superb. Thanks

  67. Britany Manning

    Quick, efficient, easy, honest. Everything I could ask for. Highest recommendation!

  68. Catriona Branch

    DENRAK is a cut above all the others in this market space. Always great service and their products are amazing!

  69. Elizabeth Goldsmith

    Customer service was awesome at helping me to get the machine on time.

  70. Ferne Nieves

    Dennis was helpful, fast, knowledgeable, and understand the issue from the first interaction. Thank you DENRAK team!

  71. Ioana Bloggs

    As usual, the procedure was really straightforward.

  72. Jethro Tierney

    I am very proficient with DENRAK products and services. It is a very professional company. It has great products and amazing support. I recommend it to anyone who wants a good rice milling machine

  73. Simon Lott

    THAI TOP rice milling machine is a good machine for rice processing and flour milling

  74. Baxter Nielsen

    Their service is good but I had delay with he delivery so I will be rating 3 stars for now, for the THAI TOP 4289, it looks good and i am yet to use it

  75. Brad Richard

    DENRAK THAI TOP 4289 combined rice milling machine is very good for my rice milling business, was able to mill about 250kg of rice within an hour and a few seconds, and the electrical consumption is economical

  76. Israr Williams

    This was my first time ordering from this company and their service was so good, I got the machine on time and the functionalities are as described

  77. Nieve Sadler

    My experience with the Denrak rice milling machine was the best i ever had, he a wonderful customer care service, and the THAI TOP 4289 was just an advanced model in rice milling industry.

  78. Pascal Warren

    Love their selection of rice milling machines. The entire experience was a pleasure. I will be back the next time.

  79. Rabia Jeffery

    thanks a lot for the service, just got the best Rice milling machine of my life!

  80. Shakil Kendall

    Well everything was great, the machine and also the customer care service, but the delivery was not that smooth as i expected but every other things went very well Thanks

  81. Simon Lott

    Excellent communication. Received quote online in minutes. After sending pictures offer was increased. Once I decided to go with them, they set up delivery the same day and paid cash. 5 stars!!

  82. Tayyab Willis

    Great experience entire process, I was kept informed throughout. Driver was very professional & friendly, made the process very simple. No issues whatsoever, price was well above competition,great company . HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!!

  83. Aeryn Childs

    This rice milling machine is one of the best food production machines I have ever known, the 2 compartment makes it very advanced, Then the customer care service is top notch, I highly recommend DENRAK rice milling machine.

  84. Amiya Merrill

    Totally satisfied with the customer service, it’s good price on the web, very fast shipping, good rice milling machine, exactly as described.

  85. Anisa Swan

    Shipped so fast.
    Item ordered arrived pristine.
    Price beats other company by 15% and the machine is good for multipurpose.

  86. Darcie Wormald

    Website easy to use, payment easy but delay in communication with clearance of PayPal payment, so could be a bit faster as one always wonders if electronic payments are successful….
    Products are great, however…!!

  87. Debbie Braun

    I ordered DENRAK combined rice/flour milling machine and could not be happier with my shopping experience. I immediately received my invoice and the staff sent me emails letting me know the status of the shipment. I live in Illinois and was very impressed with how fast I received the rice milling machine! The best shopping experience online I have had in a long time! Great job and I will be back in the future for sure!! Oh and I love the rice/flour milling machine!

  88. Dulcie Allen

    My order was delivered faster than Amazon and I saved a lot more with DENRAK The machine was delivered with an outer box to protect it with no dents or damage upon arrival. The item was new in the box and as described.I could not be happier with this purchase and the whole order, delivery process.I recommend this company emphatically!

  89. Fynn Faulkner

    DENRAK is a terrific store to buy Rice milling machine. They had exactly what I needed. And the service was excellent. I look forward to buying my next machines soon.

  90. Heath Paul

    It came delivered to San Francisco in perfect condition. Good packaging that wasn’t wasteful. Timely shipping. It was also a really good deal; the price was cheaper than anywhere else I could find. Couldn’t fault DENRAK and would order from them again.

  91. Hina Dotson

    I have bought the Rice/flour milling machine from DENRAK for more than 4 years. Their machine and services they carried are superior and no comparison to any main stores. Will shopping there for another 4 years.

  92. Aminu Mutiat

    DENRAK sales high many quality and advanced machines with low prices that beat other stores. The website design is attractive, easy to search for a product with detailed descriptions. It offers fast shipping and on time delivery.

  93. Banji Afunku

    I never heard of this place before and as I was searching for a rice milling and seems only this place was carrying. So, I called them to make sure the web site is legit. Some one answered and mentioned the stock is limited. I placed the order and the item arrived brand new double packed. Don’t hesitate to order from them and they are genuine people. But I don’t know what’s their return policies though i case you run into issues with the machine.

  94. Chinyere Ayomide

    Dennis was very helpful, returns my phones calls and answered all the questions I asked, he sent my Oder out just after several hours I placed my order.
    The combined rice/flour milling machine came in perfect condition, and the price is great.
    Thank you for your excellent service.

  95. Chizoba Atanda

    My first shopping experience here. The Price is good. Service is very helpful and aimed to please. Will refer to my friends.

  96. Jolayemi Oyelude

    My Rice milling machine came fast and in very good shape and well protected, doing business with this kind of service is getting harder to come by. I recommend this company 100%!!!

  97. Obioma Sylvester

    DENRAK had the best price, order was processed quickly and I received the rice milling machine timely. Excellent service!

  98. Shade Osuagwu

    Web site is easy to navigate. With plenty of payment options. Provides processing and delivery notifications on a timely basis.

  99. Titi Adeoluwa

    The combined rice milling machine is a very good one and the delivery is also fast, their price is the best


    At the start i was skeptical, but when i reached DENRAK through their chat support, i got all my questions answered and the ordering process was smooth, also their delivery was good, i will recommend them to anyone who is looking for an advanced food production machine

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